ladies nite!

yesterday went to embassy which was ladies nite… thus free entry and free flow of drinks! woot~ … went with zj, huijun, mingyan, marcus, john, kenny, rachel, jenny, aya, gini, nixon, weiyi and james. lol. some came late… music was quite diversified… quite good ah… one ting sad, the drinks ah like bloody full of alcohol and lil soft drinks… tink it is their ploy to make de club more ‘happening’… lol… no bad incidents cept for tis guy dragging me up de platform. can u believe it?! he dragged me by pulling my hands and i was lifted up de stage? wao kaoz! 42 kg by pulling hands onlie… bloody hell… hand hurts like hell… he then hugged me and said dance with me, its alrite…. basket… he then tried to pulled huijun up by same method but tis time got ppl pull her down so she more worse lah… her hands muz feel so sore… anyway, a few of our guy frens got picked up namely KENNY (woot~) and JAMES!!!… pretty girls sumore… tink they (de girls) were high… lol… no cute guys at all… sad… sigh… anyway, today going zouk with my ob sabah gang! like last year! woot~… countdown de new year! lol… anyway! listen up! tomolo (1st Jan), zouk will be FREE FOR ALL!!!! lol….. any takers? kk… u guys take care! see u soon!

pls: i juz woke up @ 3pm. feel so piggy!


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