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nadnut does not know what to wear to the nuffnang & chipster birthday party.

help her pls?

6 different outfits! (i wonder if i can win the best pajamas post! :P)

no.1 – the black slip

Like Pinkpau’s martian, tiger shook his head at my slip. He pointed at my (pathetic) cleavage and said NO! But it looks like a dress mah! Bah.

No. 2 – the purple flower pajamas version 1.

Comfy spag and shorts. Tiger said it was ugly. wtf? So hard to please. -_-

No. 3 – the purple flowers pajamas version 2

same spag but with 3/4 pants.

No. 4 – the pink flowers dress

Same family as No. 2 & 3, just that it’s in pink and it’s a dress. Not as fitting as No. 1 of course.

No. 5 – the singlet + funny pants

Lol. Love the pants! Funny football pants. Only bad thing is that the singlet is slightly translucent and i have to super suck in my tummy. LOL.

No. 6 – the singlet and happy boxers combo

LOL. One of my faves! Singlet same as above. That’s a real pair of boxers! Happy smiley face! I am such a goondu. I didn’t know that the boxers has an opening. LOL. If i do wear this, i must remember to sew that up. LOL.

I like No. 1, 2, 5 & 6! I can’t make up my mind! No. 6 is so hilarious la.

Please comment and let me know which you prefer?

I had so many ideas for the chipster contest and to be honest, lack of wrappers, time (i was busy participating for the australian contest instead. oops) and all made me decide to try for the best pajamas post instead. lol.

I love my chipsters, Yummy!

Definitely gives me a good night sleep! One as my pillow and the other as the pillow for me to hug!

It would be so much fun to actually meet all the Malaysian bloggers that I’ve read so much about. Do join the contest!

And oh! a piece of good news! Remember the contest in the previous post? I’ve been shortlisted!!!!! I’m in top 7! Voting starts on 3rd March and ends on 10th March. Once I’ve gotten more details, I’ll post it up! I really do hope I’ll win!!!! And of course, if i DO win, i’ll blog ALL about it! 😛

More details soon! Till then, help me choose what to wear!