I hate chasing for money.

What’s the longest you’ve waited to be paid by a company? The thing I hate the most is the lack of updates.

There is no updates to when we’ll be paid and no news whatsoever despite it being more than a month after our stint.

At least have the decency to tell us ‘oh, your money will be in say late april/may/maybe in 2030’.

So yeah, I’m still waiting to be paid after my stint AND my claims. It has been 45 days and counting.



3 thoughts on “I hate chasing for money.”

  1. More than 2 mths. The editor (also owner of company) just became conveniently uncontactable immediately after I submit my invoice. Skype, email, SMS, calls, suddenly all just cannot reach her.

    She now owes me the payment for my submissions in March – I gave her my invoice in the 3rd week. I see how long she drags it again. *pissy*


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