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Retail therapy rocks my socks.

Today, I’ll be introducing 3 blog shops for your kind consideration!

First up would be Clothes Bakery!

(Click to enlarge)

Clothes Bakery will be launching their 12th Collection at 9pm tonight!

Collection 12, is evenly divided into casual wear and chic office wear, so theres something for everyone! I’m totally lemming for the Vintage stud bag!

Aside for the bag, I’m also in love with this black dress, really simple but yet classy.

Don’t forget to check out Clothes Bakery!


Next up! Jewelry of Lav!

Last year I did an advertorial for her and she’s back with a fantastic new site!

She’ll be having a sale of up to 30% for her 3rd year store anniversary! Do check out her site now!

This time she sent over two lovely chunky necklaces which are my favourite! I love her necklaces because it can be worn in different ways. Here are some pictures of the necklaces!

This one is called Garden Cat and retails at $59.90.

Here are some pictures of how you can wear it.

The cat charm is really adorable!

The other is called Esmeralda and retails at $69.90.

Jewelry of Lav uses only quality supplies such as imported beautiful and rare beads & charms from different parts of the world, swarovski crystals, semi-precious gemstones, 14k gold-plated parts, 925 silver parts, white gold parts, 22k gold-plated parts etc.

Not only that, she has a very unique style and believes in having versatile accessories mirroring different stylist combinations e.g.  sweet chic, classy girlie, quirky cute, vintage whimsical, natural drama, flirty pop, dainty ethereal etc. Do contact her for customisations!


Last but definitely not least, Hollyhoque has launched their 44th Collection!

Many cute items available!


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