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Opportunity Cost.

Sometimes I really hate studying part time.

While I was stuck in school yesterday, I missed out Yebber’s Anniversary.

While I was stuck in school today, I missed out on the SMB, Nuffnang’s AIDS awareness thingy, the SPI’s dinner and celebrating my anniversary with Tiger.

While I’ll be stuck in school tomorrow, I’ll be missing out my ex-colleagues lil gathering.

I have not even started packing for Australia and I’m leaving like next week? ARGH. Anyway I’ve received the itinerary and it sounds fab! I’ll most probably be blogging about the trip daily so do stay tuned! 😉

Coming up next! A mini contest!


Aside from that, my friend Cordelia is in FHM GIRLS NEXT DOOR 2008! Do vote for her! Here’s the format:

FHM1GND21 (Your name) (IC no) (Email). SMS to 73388! Thanks!

8 thoughts on “Opportunity Cost.”

  1. Oh quit whining and shush!

    Yebber and NuffNang won’t refund your school fees nor promise you a better career when you flunk out without a degree.

    School comes first before everything else. *whack!*


  2. I am in my 3.5years of part-time study and I am really glad that it is going to be over in May 2008! Totally understand that this is tough and along the way we miss out some things of life.

    Just hang in there and finish it as fast as you can. Jia you!


  3. at least you get to go for class… -_-”

    I still can’t get my degree cause I can’t pass the stupid accounting module, and I don’t get to go for classes cause it’s my 3rd retake 🙁


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