that thing about those loser blogs…

what is it with us and loser blogs? it seems that we love to read about the sad lives of those “losers”.

a “friend” of mine msn-ed me one day asking me to churn more loser entries. said it gave her a good laugh and that my entries right now were boring. -_-”

doh. thanks “darling”. i’m glad that you found it amusing when i’m a loser. ROAR!

seriously, do we get that extra thrill when we read about how ‘suay’ and unlucky someone is? hmmmm. how he/she seems to screw up his/her life in certain aspects. fictional or not, we still love it.

who can forget bubblemuche? or eddy neo? the skinny fella with the gelled/oily looking hair with extremely geeky specs?

are “loser blogs” the new “in” thing? or have they always been the “in” thing. even tiger himself have once had a loser blog once. hmmmm.

one day, loser blogs are gonna take over the world. they will be more popular than bimbo blogs (NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!).

yikes! maybe being nerdy is the new black. its time to abandon all camwhoring ladies! bring on those black geeky specs! cause the nerds/losers are taking over!

speaking of “suay”. while i was waiting for the exchange rate to fall, yesterday it was at a very good rate and i wanted to change money today…. guess what? it just rose. tmd. tmd. tmd!

6 thoughts on “that thing about those loser blogs…”

  1. heh. its gonna rise really soon due to the new intake of uni students coming in july. if you wanna change, you better do so soon. 🙂


  2. better keep an eye out on the rate! : )

    *Everyone loves reading sob stories and tragedy, emo stuff you know? lol.


  3. sibehsian, u are sibeh act blur. will you mouse over her underlined words?

    and i not loser lah. if i loser i shall write almost everyday like sibehsian, muahahahah.

    nadnut: never said u loser! just linking one of your very suay posts. 😛


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