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i feel loved.

i have been going thru a rather stressful period recently and have been rather busy to meet up with everybody. (friends/tiger.)

imagine my surprise when a sweetie gave me a packet of mini donuts (which is uber cute) to cheer me up. yay!

yummy! <3

thanks lee!

another sweetie pie, gracey cooked aixin pork cutlet for us!

the chef.

this sweetie msged me earlier to tell me she has a surprise for me (because ive been stressed like hell) and its…. Shirlyn’s cd!

i was just telling her that i miss wala wala and the unxpected so much and i miss shirlyn! cant wait for exams to be over so i can go and see them again.

and she bought the new cd for me! yay! i feel so loved by these 2 ladies!!! muackz muackz!

after exams are over, im gonna get shirlyn to autograph my new cd. am gonna introduce tiger to wala wala and the unxpected too!

outfit of the day. 😉

yummy cupcakes for a birthday boy!

really feel loved. 🙂 ok, back to my journal reading and need to piah project. sigh. when will this dreaded 5 weeks be over?

i always crave for sweet stuff when im stressed.

i want:

  • donuts
  • custard puffs
  • chocolate cake
  • ben & jerry’s cookie dough icecream
  • cupcakes (pretty decorated ones!)
  • peanut butter cup
  • waffles
  • peanut butter toast

sinful. indulge me!

6 thoughts on “i feel loved.”

  1. you’re not gonna blackmail with the video, right?

    Thank$ for the *ka-chinG* mahjooong$$$$$~



  2. hey gal, where did you get the cup cakes?….i wanna get for Gab too!….let me noe asap k….tks babe…


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