why do some people just do not listen?!

its so frustrating!

background info: my primary email is my gmail account however my msn account is using a hotmail account. i only use the hotmail for msn, the email function is not activated and whoever sends any shit there, i do not receive it.

this happens a few times. grrr.

a typical conversation goes… friend supposed to send me some email. before he/she does so, i remind them to send to my gmail account. i wait for email.

30 mins later, i msn-ed them again, have they sent the email? they said they did. i check my email, nothing, checked my spam, nothing. weird.

asked them again. and they retort they sent to my hotmail account. WTF?! didnt i just told u to send to my gmail account?! am i wrong to get pissed? after i did specifically tell them to send to my gmail. grrr. it isnt as if i didnt say a thing…

and the best thing, this guy who did it once, did it again a few weeks later. do they not listen? isnt ‘pls send to my gmail account, thanks.’ or ‘pls send to my gmail account. my hotmail account is only for msn purposes and the email is not activated’? not clear enough?

*shakes fist*. argh!

to those who do read my blog and have me on your msn, pls remember i only use nadnut[at] as my email address, pls do not send any emails to the msn addy.

plsssssss. for the sake of my sanity, please listen! else ill start throwing a bitchfit. grrr.

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