men are from mars and women are from venus…

a guy friend and i were chit-chatting one day and he was lamenting about women. yada yada yada.

the fact is, women are never (well, there are some exceptions) satisfied with themselves and their possessions.

A: wow, you look great today!
B: no la, its the makeup/dress/what nots

A: hey, you lost weight!
B: no la. still so fat. *pinches some body part*, its the top/bottom that is flattering.

A: wow, you’re so pretty!
B: no la! its just makeup. i look like shit without it.

A: thats really smart!
B: no la, friend (or read from somewhere) taught me that.

A: wow, your bf is really nice!
B: hah! you should see how he treats me! he’s just acting nice infront of you guys.

the slimmest girl/woman is always fat (simple case of the anorexic thin blogger who thinks her bmi of <20 is fat. yours truly is a bmi of 23 lor, she just indirectly called all of us > bmi 20, gargantuan! tmd.), the prettiest girl will never feel pretty, there’s always someone prettier, women are usually never satisfied with themselves. simple case scenario, men will choose one item and wear it and not change. (most of them, dont count the metrosexual vainpots), women will deliberate between a few items (dont count the not vainpotty ones).

there you go. women, love us. dont try to understand us. :P. we never said we’re easy to love. 😉

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