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that thing about the feeling…

one thing i always dreaded was… “the talk”.

whenever boyfriends or bosses suddenly says this to you “we need to talk”, “i need to talk to you”, this always brings up this dreaded feeling in me.

somehow “talk” always seems to be something bad.

and my boss just told me we need to chat later and asked me to book a room for our “talk”. which means its private, highly p&c.

what does this mean? argh. is it my performance? am i working too slowly? have i made too many mistakes? am i not cut out for this line? is it my dressing? my attitude? or the time i overslept? or is it my mc yesterday? or does she knows about my blog? have i done something wrong?

i am so dreading 1.30pm.

wish me luck. for i need it. now.

added: it is not a promotion nor an increment nor am i being sacked. will blog about it another time..

12 thoughts on “that thing about the feeling…”

  1. Good Luck.
    Go in with no expectations but prepared for everything….well as much as you can think.
    You might be slated for promotion. Think good things.
    In short Relax…………

    nadnut: no promotion. boo. 


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