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Vainpotty treats!


My favourite advertiser Milly’s has a new promotion!

It’s such a great deal isn’t it? Do call 8383 5395 to make an appointment now!

Aside from that, I did my nails at Milly’s sometime ago but I totally forgotten to post up pics! As you know, rainbows is like my signature thing, I had rainbow nails done!

I tried searching for rainbow nails pictures but there were sooooooooooooo little and those “rainbow” nails didn’t even have the 7 colours of the rainbows!

I totally gave up and designed what I wanted on the spot!

On the way… Had gel extensions done. Mad pretty!

Almost there!

I absolutely adore the ribbons! Cute isn’t it?

I also did a facial recently, yesterday in fact! But I’ll save the pictures for the next entry!

Currently there’s a promotion for a first trial facial, it’s only at $38!

Do remember to state that you’re a nadnut reader to enjoy these special promotions. 🙂

Milly’s Hair Lashes Nails
Far East Plaza
For appointments or enquiries, please call 8383 5395



Aside from that, my ex-salsa mate Jolene has started her very own blog shop! As a friend, I totally have to support her!

Her stuff are mad chio anyway!

Like this lovely floral dress that retails for $24. Really sweet! Can imagine wearing this to meet the boyfriend’s parents for the first time or to high tea! I wore this dress to the Singapore River Festival Launch. Heh.

I think that this black bow dress is demure and yet cheeky at the same time! The cute bow just screams out “Unravel me please”. *cough*

This 2 piece outfit was a tad too long for me but hey, I’m way below the national average height. Would be a perfect length for you girls!

She had sent over another 2 more dresses but I think I’ll save those for another entry!

Please do support my friend’s blog shop okay! Mother to be wor! Need to earn milk money! heh! Anyway, her dresses are really very pretty! I love them a lot!


Photography: Colin Tan
Makeup and hair: Yours truly (using MJ makeup and hair extensions by Milly’s of course!)
Editing: Colin Tan


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Yesterday was another one of our Majolica Majorca meetings and this time we had company!

Molemole was there with me!

Wondering why?

Chapter 24 is called Fairy Sadistic! Find out more in my next MJ entry. 😉

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