that thing about bak kut teh, redbull, toys and wala…

last week… i had my first taste of bak kut teh… unbelievable but true!

i had tried a sip of the soup and a tint piece of the meat for supper after clubbing with kok and shen last week and after that… i lust hunger for more of it…

and decided to get some ‘experts’ to teach me more about the dish…

as some of the barflies and i were planning a mahjong session, we decided to cover ‘the art of eating bak kut teh’ with it… i met up with mandrake, gracey, missy for lunch. kingmeng was supposed to join us but the goondusamy had overslept. -_-”

pics of the dish itself… i discovered that i didnt quite like the normal bak kut teh and actually fancied the pig trotters instead. damn sinful and damn fattening. eck.

we then started the mahjong session @ gracey’s place… imagine my surprise when i found redbull on the mahjong tiles?! at first i thought i was hallucinating and rubbed my eyes but they were still there! cute sia! i want a redbull mahjong set!

imagine my surprise when i saw the amount of toys at her place? i thought that i had a lot of toys till i saw gracey’s! hmmm perhaps she has a bit more than mine but hey, she keeps it soooo damn neatly… for me, i juz chuck them around. that’s the difference between a neat freak and a total slob. 🙁

kingmeng and me tried to hide among the toys… can u spot us?

we met up with ruok for dinner at nydc. ruok has realllly big balls man! check them out!

aren’t they damn big?!?! i wonder how did he finished them. scary. went to wala after a looooong time.. i think the last time i went there was during my birthday celebration in feb? reallllly realllllly missed the unxpected.. especially shirlyn 😉

bah. asri aka dbassbitch and shirlyn called me netnut. ROAR! i want the unxpected tank top!

music was great as usual, company was cool and especially with the ‘no smoking’ rule now, no more teary eyes! the sad thing was that, wala is damn far from my place and as i was recovering from my flu bug, i was on antibiotics and only could drink h2o.

sad. my only company for the night then.

great company, great day, great music and great food. i was a happy little camper that day. 😉


  1. ruok has realllly big balls man!

    0.o erm… so did you manage to sample those balls? *cough* it might help you recover from the flu bug. 😀


  2. *cover face and runs* now people knows i’m neat freak & have too many soft toys…they will tink i’m a kiddie..*sobs*