Commercial Break.

I’ve been bugging everybody on msn to vote for me daily and I think everyone is kind of sick of reading about me asking for votes yea?


First up, the CLEO’s most eligible bachelors party. Incase you didn’t know, I have been drooling over my lovely McYummy. Yes, thats my nickname for the lovely Shane McDonald. *cough* Now you know why I’ve been attending the Slingers games. :PAnd of course MY McYummy is gonna be Cleo’s Bachelor of the year. *cough*I’m considering on checking out the carnival. It’s happening on this Saturday! It’ll be at Zouk from 2pm to 7pm. Does anyone wants to head down to the carnival with me?

There’s a striptease team!!!!!! *drools*


Maybelline’s eMagazine! As most of you guys know, I adore “playing” with makeup. Since young, I’ve been playing with makeup! Infact I remember heading to school (primary school wor!) with eyeliner on! Of course then, it was “celak” (dunno if i’ve spelled it correctly). Malays always used celak and i’ve been in love with it since young. So… no wonder i love eyeliner so much yeah?Ok, enough digressing! I’ve just found out that Maybelline has it’s very own eMagazine!

I love it’s Makeup Expert page! Infact I’ve learnt many different looks from such pages previously! Great! I’ll definitely be checking the eMagazine out more often!


Okay, that’s done! Now, vote for me! 🙂 Results will be out on 12th March! Pls help to vote daily till the 10th March! Thanks!!!!! 🙂

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