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hello singapore!

finally back. and its tmd hot here. i was sweating (and don’t u idiots say ‘only pigs sweat!’ humans do sweat. dont u fucking argue with me!) like mad when i came out of the airport. i miss brisbane’s weather already!

got home say an hour ago? am kinda disappointed that i missed out doing some stuff in aussie. but most of all… i miss the silly boy the most. 🙁

time for me to concuss and slowly unpack. take care!

ps: i will be removing the tagboard. spyware!

6 thoughts on “hello singapore!”

  1. welcome home! yea…i understand the weather part. hated it the most too when i last came back from joburg.


  2. hello nadnut ! looked at your photos ! and i felt quite happy cuz some of the places were the ones i went too! feel like gg back there again ! and yeah, sg weather is diff !!!! i want brisbane’s weather! haha (: anw where is the pancake place?! i couldn’t find it!!!!! they say it was at charlotte st? but i dotn see it when i went :/ ah, tell me where? so maybe if next time going again can go 😀 thanks !


  3. Hi Gal! Welcome back home. Told you the weather was great! Went to the supermarket and when to the frozen section and thought of Brisbane. So if you miss it, just go to the frozen section. Hi hi.


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