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who says nadnut can’t cross-stitch?

bah. before my trip to australia, i was thinking of making a handmade prezzie for tiger. i sought a few advice and settled down on cross-stitch (plus i have a cross-stitch guru: jenny, who is willing to teach me :P)

decided to settle on a bookmark. with a tiger print on it 😉

for a few nights as i was busy cross-stitching away, a few friends msn-ed me and asked ‘what are you so busy with?’ and when i replied i was cross-stitching, a few of them were shocked.

“HUH? since when you cross-stitch?!”

“you gotta be kidding!”

“yeah right!”

“since when have you became domesticated?!”

“are you trying to do a jenny?!”

doh. tmd. i dont look like the kind meh? (i asked 10 peeps, and all said no. TMD TMD TMD!). anyway after a few hours, i finished it.

the almost completed work. (i added his name in here, can’t really show it to the world, aye? else my anonymous superhero will be revealed. LOL! inside joke :P)

so there! my first ever cross-stitch work done. 🙂 i know its rather untidy and its quite small but its my first attempt! 😛

but tmd, i think he’s more pleased with the shiranui akatsuki gundam model (ROAR!) that i got for him as a surprise instead. thanks to a certain kn who helped me plan the surprise. 😛

alrighty. time to start on my 2nd cross-stitching project. for myself this time! i will be taking a short break from blogging. ran out of juice after the daily accounts, plus the heaps of work to settle @ work… and i have not started unpacking. will be replying your comments soon! 😉

take care all!


  1. I think the cross-stitch looks good.. I wanted to try my hand on knitting but i lost my patience after doing some practice.. guess i must start to use the threads :p


  2. Oh that cross stitch is cute. And the Gundam model rocks. As a guy, I’d always prefer the Gundam model too. Gonna be a pain trying to do texturing with gold paint.


  3. tell me about it. lol. the outlining on the gold metallic surface is a pain, the marker doesn’t want to come out on the surface…


  4. Hi there,

    Nice work! The final product looks great! Sometimes, I guess what’s more important is believing in yourself. You’ll be amazed by the many more things you can do. 😉