1. Yummy! Try to find lots of interesting things at Chatuchak Weekend Market only on Saturday and Sunday.
    Chatuchak is a particularly good place to buy all sorts of Thai handicrafts, as there’s a huge range, the quality is high and the intense competition keeps the prices low. Be careful when buying antiques, the large majority on offer are fake and telling the difference between the genuine and the copies can be extremely difficult. Genuine antiques require a permit to be taken out of the country, but you will also need a permit if a fake is good enough to fool the inspecting customs officer.
    Enjoy shopping! 🙂


  2. Your Hair is so disheveled..
    You look like you still on bed…

    Now i really wonder what u and tiger been doing…

    nadnut: siao! am using the computer la. dont think dirty u pervert!


  3. buy more buy more!!! miss nomoneyinthefuturemustbegonthestreet. hahahahahahahhahahahaha. oh gawd i love that phrase. 😛

    see ya babe!!! soon!!!


  4. consider these several pointers, JF dude:

    a) the obvious prone position, with the mirror blocked strategically.

    b) the curtains are pulled, and it seems to be day time.

    c) the girl seems to be having some make up (in a room?!?)

    d) the shirt is 2 size too big for her, machiam a guy\’s shirt.

    e) the rose on the painting by the wall seem suspiciously the similar settings for those places we frequent…

    nadnut: nonsense lah u all. this pic is taken from the webcam of thebeanmaster\’s macbook which is lying on the bet. i sat up straight to show off my redbull tee. and thats my tee la. they dont have smaller tees. sobs.