(stupid) phone woes.

i am going almost bonkers with the stupid phone. for the whole of yesterday night, it decided to go on strike with me. when i tried to send messages, it shows as no service number defined. fine. i restarted. then it became phone restricted. restarted it again. and this time, its sim rejected. argh.

and when all seems fine at last, i was msn-ed by a friend “why is your phone off?!”.

turns out, it “seems” fine but the bloody phone was off even though it’s on! i don’t know if you get what i mean… -_-“. i was this close to throwing the damn phone against the wall but the thought of all the contacts and precious messages stopped me. grr.

im trying to hold out till my contract expires in feb next year but by the looks of it, i think i’ll need to part with some precious moo-lah for a phone…

argh. *shakes fist*

ok, time to go school. am gonna hunt for phones later. roar! is this always the same with nokia phones? argh. any recommendations for affordable and preferably small phones?

5 thoughts on “(stupid) phone woes.”

  1. Hey gal, I have the same prob as you. It gets restricted and asks for a code right when nokia and your sp dun have it. Damn irritating. Jus restart it or take off your batt and put it back again. It gives u the instant response but i think in the long run it may spoil it eventually.


  2. Had a similar problem wif my N73. U’ll need to update ur nokia software. But will need to do a backup for ur data. 🙂


  3. Oh believe me, I’ve thrown enough phones against the wall and floor, in my lifetime. lol.

    Why is it that these days Nokia phones are extremely problematic? My aunt and bf are having trouble with theirs.

    Convert to Sony Ericsson 😛


  4. Hey there!
    I have got a brand new sony ericsson white colour K618i on hand with all accessories I am selling it for 300 bucks(which is of course negotiable).

    Email me if you are interested kaes?

    Btw.. Nokia Phones are known to be pretty problematic and laggy. My friends have problems with their phones which is of the first batch. Unless ya phone is of the second batch.. Usually first batch hp are quite problematic =]


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