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.random pics.

this is what happens when you study while you eat.

don’t know why but i feel very amused at that pic. lol.

eyeshadow of the day. mac pigments rock!

lovely cupcake that eileen aka dory gave. yummy! thanks sweets!

camwhoring. lol. i desperately need a haircut. how shall i damage my hair this time? hmmm. bored with the pink/blonde look le. now i see others doing it, i wanna do something different. yawns.

i see so many bloggers asking for stuff on their blog and they get it. wat the heowwwwww. i also want.

to my fairy godmother/father, can i have a new lappie pls? or unlimited free hairdressing services? or free clothes? :P. ok, shall stop daydreaming.

i wanna go shopping but it seems like there’s no time to do so! 🙁

4 thoughts on “.random pics.”

  1. HAHA. excuse me hor. i wish tiger was rich enough. hahah! ehh. boo!

    tiger still owes me birthday gifts which i think will never ever arrive. haha!


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