7 thoughts on “goodbye…”

  1. erm… i assume that he’s going overseas?

    hope you are holding up well. i’m sure you two will be together soon. 🙂

    nadnut: wow. your a perceptive one.


  2. dun be too sad, dearie! think it this way: *inspiration* uncle Jay also long-dist relationship.

    thankfully, nowadays, communication is extremely easy and cheap! skype, google-talk, you name it! don’t fret, he’s just a click/call away!! 🙂

    nadnut: lol. true true!


  3. The pic’s damn nice! Looks so sweet.

    Time will fly by. And in no time he’ll be back with you again. Don’t be sad k?

    nadnut: thanks babe! one year just seems so long……..


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