i have become a default…


because some people complained about my previous layout… so here’s a default…



haunted by my dreams…

why cant i even escape you in my dreams? if only, dreams could come true…


aside from that, i seem to get irritated by the male species easily these days..

i hate guys people who:-

– are insensitive
– who make jokes on sensitive issue
– are damn effing irritating
– who fly aeroplane
– who are uncontactable the whole time when your looking for them
– if you cant make it, just sms/call us. instead of making us look for you
– who shout in my ear on the phone

grrr. tmd all you asshats.

10 thoughts on “”

  1. hey, dear, do watever u want siah. no matter how long the page takes to load, I’ll read and visit ur blog whenever I can. As for the men…hahhaah….very choujidans they can be sometimes, so hang out more with me lah! hahahah….


  2. lol.. the layout shouldn’t really matter.. It’s the content that i’m more interested in! (Apart from the photos as well of course..) =P
    Relax girl.. Breathe… Thurs Carl’s junior again k!!!


  3. the layout doesnt prevent me from reading what u blog. But this one is better for the mouse. No need to click here and there so much.



  4. ah 9>>> default with modifications wor!

    stupidgenius>>> thanks!

    akk>>> u so sweet! *hugs* btw, where’s my chocolate bread! heh.

    sunshin3>>> awww. another sweet gal! 😉

    bren>>> heh! slap urself again! thanks for the webbie!

    frenie>>> bah. much more userfriendly my webbie has become…


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