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Part One of “How he had proposed…”

Remember the previous post? Friends were asking how he proposed…

I was compiling the pictures and BFF had kindly added some subtitles into the video, so here’s the whole story! What happened was that: Fidelis and I had discussed about heading down to Lush Singapore. I wanted to buy some bathbombs for both the Staycation at Oasia Hotel and the NAPBAS.

Jio-ed both BFF and Esther along and we decided to make it a girly outing! For some reason, Fidelis suddenly proclaimed that we would be having a mystery makan session that day.

I was feeling uber nua that day and was in slackeroo wear. Didn’t even want to slap on makeup in the first place. For some reason, both Esther and BFF mentioned that they will be late. I decided to put on a bitttt of makeup that day.

Met Fidelis at Lush and we shopped away, met up with Esther, BFF mentioned she is still stuck. We grabbed a small bite, met BFF then headed off to ION for dinner.

I was still thinking to myself that the Japanese Restaurant looked quite expensive 😡

All this time, I was bbm-ing Ching Chong Boy. We usually tell each other where we were going. He mentioned he just reached home and I remarked that the restaurant looked pretty pricey.

We were still laughing over how they spelt Fidel’s surname as Ms Ton instead of Ms Toh. If you look closely, you’ll see a faint number 5 below which is supposed to indicate the number of people. Obviously, I didn’t notice this.

We ordered food and while waiting for the food to arrive, we did what girls usually do.


We then chatted etc then suddenly BFF asked Fidel to take a picture of us. Didn’t think much about it. Actually… Fidel was taking a video!

And then…

Part two coming soon!

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