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Our final wedding prep vid #3

This is my final wed prep video by The Wedding Paparazzi! Next one would be the actual ROM itself! Which is next week! Gulps.

I had a staycation at Orchard Hotel a few weeks back and decided to have my bridal makeup trial there! (much neater than my place)

As mentioned previously, my makeup and hair will be done by Cindy, a kind reader who is sponsoring me for my ROM!!!!! Awww yeah!

Cindy of Colorpots Makeup is wellknown for her fashion and bridal makeup. She had serviced many other bloggers for photoshoots and events before!

Check out her works at If you’ll like to use her, quote Nadia/nadnut to get 10% off! Offer valid till December 2013. Call her at 9746 3120 if you have any queries!

Skai & Nadia webisode three- Makeup trial from The Wedding Paparazzi on Vimeo.

As Cindy is shy, you won’t be able to see her in the video.

I think Cindy had such a hard time with me! Cos she asked for a brief of what i wanted and i said:

– Emphasize on the eyes i.e. dolly eyes

– leave fringe down

Very the vague right? LOL i really did not know what i wanted! Infact the 3 hairstyles here, i’m not sure which to pick! Skali i didn’t choose any 😡

Even for my nails session with Milly’s next week, i don’t know what to do 😡 it’s not as if i haven’t done my research but.. I think i’m just an “anything” person. Well, at least i’m not a bridezilla 😡

Next week! The actual ROM! I have yet to write my vows. GG.

I am using this fun Wedding app called Wedding Party! Feel free to join! All you’ll have to do is download “Wedding Party” via Appstore (only for Apple devices currently, sorry!) and enter ‘nadskai‘ to join our party!

Btw I’m currently using NuffnangX! Follow me here! Download NuffnangX (available on iPhone and Android) and follow “nadnut”! You’ll get updates as soon as I blog and you can leave comments easily there!

6 thoughts on “Our final wedding prep vid #3”

  1. haha don’t worry abt the wedding vows. u can write it when u have inspiration. for me… i wrote my vows in the car, on the way from the hotel (gate-crashing / tea ceremony venue) to the ROM venue. hahahaha. it was super last minute. i’m sure you’ll be able to do it well and it’ll be super touching and meaningful for both of you. 🙂


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