eating with your hands…

wahahhahaaa! i was watching arts central and there was this travel show. this episode is about a caucasion couple travelling in malaysia.

and i was watching them eat indian food….

with their hands.

LOL! its not as simple as it looks yeah? do you know how the malays & indians eat? yeap. sometimes with their hands.

once i brought one of my chinese friend out to try some indian food and he had trouble eating with his hands. the food was falling and it was a rather messy affair.

here’s how it is done… pick up a bit of food with your right hand (because the left hand is dirty*). then you have to scoop your hand as if your pinching. but with all five fingers. not too hard! and feed yourself.

added: you’re not suppose to dirty your palms!

that’s how its done!

do you think its easy? lets go and try it out! am itching for some good nasi briyani dum anyway…

i suck at using chopsticks though. need lessons! anyone?

*left hand is supposedly used to cleanse oneself.

6 thoughts on “eating with your hands…”

  1. jay> wahahhaa. then how? heh. eat with cutleries lor…

    vicnan> oh yah! shall edit the entry! chopsticks hard! teach me!

    duckie> i was wondering… did you eat with your hands in malaysia last time?


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