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that thing about birthdays…

seeing all words bores me sometimes… so.. here’s updates (with pics) of jen’s birthday!

jenny held her birthday party at aloha loyang (which is a far far place. and damn far to walk in! hahahaa). big place! there were 4 rooms with a huge living room!

the food was good, catered buffet with chicken curry, beef steak, calamari, some dumpling thing, huge prawns (which dear cass peeled for all of us) and many other stuff! she brought over lots of bottles of liquor! say at least 10 bottles?

hmmm. come to think of it, jen didnt get saboh-ed! >.< party was ongoing, jen was busy playing hostess and the bsc gang locked ourselves in the room playing nonsensical games like pictionary, idiot and taiti. it has been long since we all have gotten together and it felt just right being there. we camwhored, polaroid-whored... then one by one everyone left... till there was a handful? thus there were a few of us to tackle the liquor. there was this game that we had to play... all about speed. there will be 5 cups. 3 will hold shots of alcohol (the one chosen) and 2 will hold mixers. one is suppose to finish all the alcohol before the other party does. you can choose to drink the mixers or not. if u lose this round, u have to do a penalty = more liquor. so we 'opened' the first round. being me and jen. then so on.. heh. i got the speed but not the endurance. hahahaahaa. so far, won everyone. =D. played a bit then rested and watched the rest play. there was this guy, jim i think? who won everyone till i played with him and he lost. wahahahahaha. he couldnt take it that he lost to a female. and a tiny female (in his own words). wahhahaa. after a while, he got wasted, he puked in one of the rooms (!!!!!!) and got sent back to his own chalet. some were drunk. some were high and some tackled the liquor again. did body shots with tequila (heh heh heh!) and i played bartender by mixing drinks for some guinea pigs. (mix anyhow one. juz grab and pour. wahahhaa) at a point in time, yours truly got a tad high and decided to go for a midnight swim. and we did. wahahahaha. but tmd! the moment i got into the pool, it started to rain. (!!!!) and thus decided to head back after swimming a lap. and slept like the dead after that. the next morning, jim came over to clear up his mess (read: vomit) and looked totally stoned + sheepish. a weird combo, if you ask me... it was a good party. great company. though, more should have stayed over and boozed with us! you know who you are! grrr. pics time! i love colin's shirt!

check out silly selena's grumpy face!

alcohol is evurl

the cat is sooooo cute!

and last but not least…. the birthday girl!!!!

miss jenny neo!

and *cough*.. me! heh

heavily photoshopped and full of makeup! heh

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