de usual ah…

happy stuff:-

  • got a free haircut lined up on tis wednesday!
  • got a free hairdye lined up on next tuesday!
  • payday (80 lousy bucks) next tuesday!
  • spent time with dearie pearl..
  • cass was so sweet to send us to de place!

bad stuff:-

  • overindulged and spent again on…
  • eyebrow trimming (which turned out too thin and too arched. i look like a witch)
  • lotsa stuff. spent $40 bucks de whole day
  • broke broke broke

muahhahaa. basically, cass brought me and pearl to de academy coz we didnt knoe our way there. thanks sweetie! *hugz*

anyone wants free haircuts and maybe free hairdye jobs? leave me a msg. (as in comments function and not tag)

then made lame jokes… coz we have a few frens who got bfs with silly names… for instance mingli & ash. so we made jokes tat mingli need to change her name to ‘tray’ to match ash. hahaha. geddit? ash-tray!

then angeline & jack. hahha. ange should change her name to ‘pot’. hahaha. jack-pot!

then it went to pearl… we were racking our brains. hahhaa. decided on her chinese name peiying. so her guy should ‘pei pei pei pei’. dun get it? so become pei pei pei pei pei! hahaha. like spitting!

then cass… we were tinking her name as cash… so her bf can be ’till’. so it will be cash-till! 😛

then my turn… 🙁 … at first could tink wat to match my bf’s name (which is aloysius or aloy..).., tink tink tink until head wanna break… then decided… why match his name? match mine! wahahhaa.

thus, since almost everyone including my parents call me nad, decided to match my name… since im nad, aloy’s nickname can be ‘do’ or ‘pea’ or even ‘hazel’ or ‘shell’. hahaha. thus do-nad! or pea-nad! or hazel-nad! or nad-shell!. wahahha. lamers are we all…

reminds me when i played worms using aloy’s com. and i named my team… here are de names of nad~

  1. de naddy professor!
  2. nad-ting 4 u!
  3. do-nadz!
  4. in a nad-shell!
  5. pea-nad~
  6. nadnut~

de rest cant remember liaoz. if u can tink of more ‘nad affairs
went window shopping and shopped a bit. saw tis cool neoprint thingy.. wahhaa. will take tat on

friday. arranged for a steamboat and zouk outing for my clique on friday! miss them so much! *hugz*

am watching friends! hahhaa. love de show… 🙂 … anyway, anyone wanna buy digicameras? brand new or 2nd hand. i got lobang! woot! juz email me can liaoz.

phrase of de day (or week or wateva):-

19) Got Nad?

nitez peeps,

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