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Majolica Majorca’s Story Writing Contest!

Hoo Rah Ray! Majolica Majorca has just launched a story writing competition! And there’s awesome prizes to be won!

Here’s how to participate!

– Write a short story of not more than 300 words.

– The story has to be about your magical journey with Majolica using these 4 products:
1) Skin Remake
2) Mascara/Lashbone
3) Autoliner
4) Jewelling eyes

– The prizes are:
1st prize: $500 worth of Majolica Majorca products
2nd prize: $300 worth of Majolica Majorca products
3rd prize: $200 worth of Majolica Majorca products

Contest ends 30th November! Winners will be announced on 2nd Dec. For more details, check out the MJ FB page or you can head over to the NAC (Ngee Ann City) showcase.

I’ve decided to write my very own MJ story! I wonder if the other Majolica Majorca blog ambassadors are doing it too… Hmmm.

Here’s mine!

Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Jo. All her life she had wanted to be beautiful but unfortunately she felt that she was born plain. She traveled to many places and met many people who claimed able to make her beautiful but they all proved unsuccessful.

One day, she heard a rumour that in the land of far far away, was a magical place where one could be transformed to be a fair beauty by the 4 almighty ones.

She immediately set her way to the land of far far away. It was hard getting there, for the place was full of obstacles but yet she persevered. She took days, spent countless of money to get her way there.

She managed to reach the land of far far away and found the 4 almighty ones.

Lady Skin Remake made Jo fair with a smooth flawless complexion. Jo skipped around in delight and went on to search for the next almighty one..

Princess Jeweling Eyes waved her magical hands and swished around Jo and soon, Jo had big beautiful eyes!

Prince Perfect Autoliner stepped right up to Jo after Princess Jeweling Eyes was done and said “Majolica Majorca!”. Jo’s beautiful eyes were more defined and he had given a beautiful smokey eyes look.

Jo skipped in delight and went off to find the last almighty one..

She soon found Sir Lashbone who was busy enjoying a cup of tea. He seemed annoyed at first but after she explained her quest to him, he decided to help her.

He gave her long lashes to help frame her beautiful eyes and Jo felt complete.

The 4 almighty ones bid her farewell and told her to spread the good name of Majolica Majorca to help other ladies in their quest for beauty.

Hope that you guys enjoyed my little short story! Remember to submit your own too!

All the best!

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