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A Bintany Time! Part 4: Golf Buggies and You

As told to me by Tiger…

Anyways, after our tour of the rooms, it was time to take a tour of the resort itself and since it’s actually quite a big place, we had to go there by driving the golf buggies. If you’re looking for pics of nadnut driving, you’ll have to wait – Tiger was too busy holding on to take any pics. Then again, Tiger also sucks at driving…

Tiger also distinctly remembers running after nadnut as she drove away without him. >.< Anyway BLR was very kind to loan us a buggy for two whole days of our stay. This means you can go anywhere on the resort (baring the golf courses), which also means lots of fun!

Our golf buggy – safer when neither Tiger nor nadnut are onboard and driving.

First we headed over to the villas, which was big enough to house a medium sized party, though with 6 beds, it’s really more for a bunch of friends than anything. Also, some of the villas come with a swimming pool in the backyard (like this one), great for pool BBQ parties.

We headed over to the beach for drinks as everyone was quite thirsty due to the heat and where we had pretty delish milkshakes. Also nadnut’s pinkies decided to show up again. Bad pinkies bad!

Finally, we headed back over to the Recreation area to check out BLR’s recreation facilities. There’s plenty of things to do there, from Laser Quest, to ATV riding (which we’ll be doing the next day) to a spa to wind down if you’re really tired.

There’s just something wrong about this pic…

There’s also a spa for those who needed a massage badly…

Part 5 coming up: Dinner!

Btw, all pics were taken with the Canon 1000D.


  1. at least we were nice enough to let tiger onto the back of our buggy to chase after you.

    haha, but his screaming did tempt us to kick him out.