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CNY Shopping on Jipaban!

Chinese New Year is soon! This year, will be my first year visiting my hubby’s relatives and I’m super excited! The best thing about Chinese New Year is the new clothes thingy! For a shopaholic like me, it’s a fantastic “mission”!

This year, I bought some of my CNY clothes from! I’ve came out with a 7 days of CNY lookbook encompassing of outfits, shoes, apparels and bags all from!

Check out my suggested styling for CNY!

For the first day, I’ll definitely dress up a bit more formal for house visiting! I matched neutral outfits (the skirt isn’t so black in person though, it’s more nude!) with red hot shoes and bag!

1. Smitten’s Pearlyn Cut Top
2. Dress Down Friday‘s Nude Leanda Lace Skirt
3. Zapato’s Cross Bandaged Heels in Red
4. Bagsomania’s McQuilted Sling Bag

Second day, I’ll still dress up a bit more formal for round 2 of relatives visiting! My suggested outfit:

1. Dress Down Friday’s Croix Brocade Peplum Top (Cobalt Blue)
2. Morgan Textured Vintage Sling (Pink)
3. Aurelie Leather Gold Tips (Blush
4. Rutson Geometric Moon (Bold)

For the third day, I’m looking at a more casual outfit for a CNY gathering with my friends. I love the details of Smitten’s Splash paint top, especially the peekaboo inner collar and sleeve details!

1. Smitten’s Splash paint top
2. Quilted Crossbody Sling (Teal)
3. Freire Two tone Wedges (Blue)

I love this outfit! Very suitable to go paktor with the hubby and visiting our friends!

1. Smitten’s Navy Purr Kitty Pullover
2. Lauren’s Stitched Loafers (Sky Navy)

For another casual outfit, I matched a cute moustache top with jeans and some eye catching accessories.

1. Smitten’s Moustacho Mono Top
2. Brandi Turnlock Bracelet (Red)
3. London Charm Necklace

Back to work! Am still in the holiday mood! Will match Smitten’s Embroidery Lapel Top with a bright fuchsia pink bottom and a simple pink bag!

1. Smitten’s Embroidery Lapel Top
2. Sandor Shoulder Bag (Pink)

For the last day of CNY! A red outfit! Since I’ll be back to work, I figured a dressy outfit would be quite suitable!

1. LoveBonito’s Maroon Long sleeve dress
2. Erichsen Platform Heels (Pink)

What will you be wearing for this year’s CNY? If you’re still undecided on what to wear, check out Jipaban’s blog or their CNY lookbook for more inspiration. So check out if you haven’t chosen your outfits yet!

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