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Check out the Singapore River Festival!

I bet most of you guys have heard about the Flash Mob that happened last week. For the clueless, the flash mob was organised by Nuffnang.

It was on most blogs and was even on The New Paper!

Am totally kicking myself for missing it, especially when I was chosen to be one of the five bloggers! Grrr. [I was in M’sia that day.]

The pictures and the video (done by Jayden!) looks great! I can see that everyone had fun! Do you know that those who attended the flash mob get to attend the exclusive PJ Party at the Singapore River Festival Launch on this Friday?

There will be a special guided tour by the Nuffies for the bloggers. Pssssst. Remember to bring your camera ok! There will be LOTS of stuff to take pictures of! *cough celebrity bloggers like Xiaxue and Kennysia will be here cough*

Afterwards partyyyyyyyyyyyy at The Arena for the Ultimate PJ Party. There will be performances by The Arena All Stars and the cover charge would be waived AND you’ll get 2 free drinks! Don’t forget to bring your red stress ball (given during the flash mob) and come in pajamas yeah?

No pajamas, no free entry! Lovely goodies will be given away too!

Aside from the PJ Party, there are many other event highlights in the 9 day Singapore River Festival. I hear questions!

Q: What exactly is this SRF?
A: The Singapore River Festival is the largest sundown party by the river! Activities include a specially commissioned romantic musical and bumboat parade, music festival, aerial performances, a Mojito festival and a dance marathon! Activities will be on the river, Boat Quay, Clarke Quay, Central, Robertson Quay and Emperess Place.

Q: Where exactly is SRF?
A: It’s by the river! From Boat Quay and Empress Place to Clarke Quay and Robertson Quay, the whole river will come alive with free events and activities.

Q: When is the SRF?
A: It’ll be from 19th – 27th June! From 6pm till lateeee.

Q: How much do I have to pay to check out those events?
A: You don’t have to pay a single cent! It’s freeeee!

Q: What are the events that you’ll recommend?
A: I checked out the events calendar and these are the few events that sounds really fun!

If you’re a fan of alcohol, like I am, you have to check out The Original Bacardi Mojito Fiesta!

Held on 20, 26 and 27 June, the Bacardi Mojito Fiesta Party features over 20 different varieties of Mojitos. I’m definitely gonna check this out! The alcoholic in me is screaming out now. 😛 There will also be other festival actitivies such as a flamboyant salsa party held at Clarke Quay on 20 June! I hope I remember my salsa steps!

Another event that I’m extremely keen on attending would have to be the Jazz By The River : An Evening of Cuban Jazz. It’ll be on 19th and 26th June at ACM Green, Empress Place.

Bring your loved ones and listen to soothing jazz. Aside from that, there will be a Vintage Flea Market where perhaps you can find great vintage loots!

One place that I’m very keen to check out is the “On the river” activities especially the Hippo River Show.

It’ll be available from 19 – 21 June and 26 – 27 June from 8pm to 11pm. Board at Clarke Quay and enjoy a lovely cruise down the Singapore River. What’s so special about this?

There will be musical performances on board the Hippo River Cruise. Enjoy the lovely tunes of a string quartet or the guzheng.

These are just a few of the events that I’ll be checking out. How about you? Do let me know!

The bloggers are on their way to the Singapore River Festival. Will you be there too?

For more information, do check out!

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