Apparently I won the Bad Girlfriend award.

According to Jaywalk that is. LOL

What happened was…. a few weeks ago, I brought Ching Chong Boy to go clubbing with a bunch of my blogger friends namely Vandalin, MsV, Jaywalk and I can’t remember who else.

And CCB  and me have came out with a routine everytime we go clubbing. He would ride to my place and I’ll dump his helmet at my room and we’ll take public transport to the clubbing area (which is usually St James Boiler Room) and after the party, we’ll cab back to my place, he’ll send me home and he’ll ride home if he is sober or cab home if he is tipsy. (Most of the time, he is sober but he doesn’t ride to St James because well, if I’m tipsy, it’ll be rather risky riding home.)

So that particular night, I drank a tad too much and got high. (not drunk but high). He sent me home and waited downstairs while I trotted up to wash up a bit and pass him his helmet. We had wanted to go for supper as I was feeling a tad hungry.

What I didn’t count on was feeling a bit woozy. I decided to close my eyes a bit, hoping that the feeling would pass away.

Next thing I knew… I woke up and it was 7am. I checked my phone and found like 20 missed calls from him and a message that said he wasn’t gonna wait anymore.

Thing is… his helmet was at my place and his wallet was with me. He had waited for an hour before calling me.

I totally freaked out and called him back but he did not answer my calls. 🙁

The next day, after my numerous calls and messages to him, he finally returned my calls. Thankfully he had some cash in his pocket after paying for some drinks then and he had taken a cab back. Needless to say, I was horrified at what had happened and did my best to make it up to him.

Note to self: to never hold onto CCB’s wallet again (he has this habit of making me carrying his wallet in my handbag)

And yes, I must be the worst girlfriend ever. 🙁

17 thoughts on “Apparently I won the Bad Girlfriend award.”

  1. lol. omg ur poor ccb!!!!!!!!!!!

    i feel so sorry for him haha
    but sometimes you just cant stand up agst alcohol (literally) and need to like lie down. but omg poor him! and it was so nice of him to wait for 1 hr before calling!


  2. Haha, don’t blame yourself.. things like this always happen! 🙂

    your ccb is real sweet to have waited though!


  3. Poor CCB…. 20 phone calls and you didn’t get up, you must be quite drunk…I wonder what will happen if I do that to mine…


  4. so i assumed he has not been introduced to your family yet? If not he could have waited in the living room, so at least he could bang your door down or something when things didn’t seem right hahaha


  5. Aiyo! At least he was nice enough to return your call! And waiting for one hour! Poor thing! But you’re still not as bad as I am, I won’t wake up even if I haven’t been drinking, lol.


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  7. What a good post, I really felt my chest tighten when you said you were going to close your eyes for just a little while. Bedabap-bedabup.

    By the way, we’ve all done awful things before. Years ago, I completely forgot that the guy I was dating – his Mum had passed away from breast cancer. When we went to the cinema, I insisted on watching a movie starring Susan Sarandon who acted as a mother who’s dying of breast cancer…

    What you did ain’t that bad, if you put it into perspective. *hugs*


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