3 thoughts on “so you think you can dance.”

  1. ehhh i dun really think hes cute..but his body quite good

    nadnut: boyboy looks with good bod! *drools* 


  2. hi

    i’m korean. i live in korea now.

    i don’t know that my English is right.

    please understand.

    today is 2006/7/1

    i saw ‘so you think you can dance’ just minute

    i just falling in love with Craig De Rosa

    i look hard for Craig De Rosa in korea web site.

    but, i’m not find any picture of him. so sad ã…œ_ã…œ

    i do like him.

    please tall me about his e-mail, or address, home page

    may be, i do not meet him in my life

    but i want to write him fan letter

    if you don’t know e-mail, or address..

    give me some of his photo

    there is no any of photo in korea web sit

    my e-mail address is “pingguhome@nate.com”

    my web site is “http://www.cyworld.com/sangjungs”


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