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Blessed week.

So I took leave on Monday and Tuesday to enjoy an extra long weekend. Within this fantastic weekend, I not only had a great trip in Malaysia, I also passed my final theory test without studying much for it. CCB and me are shocked at the outcome, we both thought I’ll fail.

The quest for the license seems more possible now. Now… time to actually go for some lessons. Selecting my instructor by end of this week! I’ve decided, if I can’t find a private instructor, I am so signing up for school! Wish me luck please! I really need it!

Back to work tomorrow. Hopefully, the blessed week will continue…

3 thoughts on “Blessed week.”

  1. Strongly recommended to check out how the booking of driving test works for the schools! Some schools only allow you book the test after your last lesson and this might cause you to forget your driving skills while awaiting the test date to arrive.

    For private they can usually book in advance which allows the quest for getting your license to come earlier as the instructor will usually plan for you the driving schedule =D

    Woops! Sorry for the long comment!


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