Are you a big fan of F1 and/or Puma?

I’ve been a fan of a few sports brands and Puma is definitely one of them! I love Puma’s very versatile streetwear and being a pussy lover, the feline logo was another reason why I adore the brand.

So what does a friend of Puma entail? Together with a few other bloggers, I’ll be sharing with you some information on Puma, F1 and parties!

So.. right now, you’re wondering, why should you bother right?

Here’s why! I’ll be sharing about different contests where you can score invitations to VVIP parties where you can even meet the drivers AND you could also win product vouchers worth $200!

Here’s how you could win tickets to the Puma RED party where you can meet the Ferrari driver on 24 Sept!

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[Updated] I’m also giving away invites to this Saturday’s Puma party held at Overeasy. If you like one, comment here!

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