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Typicalben, Marc Jacobs and Howl at the Moon.

I just realised that I haven’t been blogging much of “what I did today and where did I go?” entries. So… here’s a long one!

First up! I met up with Typicalben to collect something!

What’s that?

Find out soon!

Afterwards, I met up with Jayden to head down to the Audi Fashion Festival for the Marc by Marc Jacobs show! We were there to check out the Marc by Marc Jacobs show, tickets courtesy of Daniel of Samsung. 🙂

Outfit of the day: Dress from Vogueindulge, earrings from Wenyadesigns and heels from Charles and Keith.

Most of the pics were taken by Jayden! Here are some of my pictures…

My eyes looks as if I’m using contact lens! LOL! Anyway, I wanna try some coloured lenses, any recommendations? (I have astig though..)

Bevy of MediaCorp stars sitting across us. Spot any familiar faces? 😉

It was definitely an eyeopener for me. I’ve never attended a fashion show before (don’t count those mini fashion shows in clubs/shopping centres la) especially as a VIP guest.

How were the clothes? I’m no fashionista but to me, the clothes were frilly, fun and casual. Nothing too formal or pretentious. There were a few that were… rather interesting. Don’t think I’ll wear them, but then, I’m pretty much of a boring dresser. heh.

After the party, I met up with Ching Chong Boy (I should have a category for him soon. hmmm) to chill. He has been wanting to chill for ages and we decided to check out Howl at the Moon especially after I’ve always heard Herbert raving about the place.

The kind bouncer waved off the cover charge ($20) for both Ching Chong Boy and myself. Woot! heh.

The band is hilarious. They really remind me of “Whose line is it anyway?’. Looks like this will be one of my favourite drinking places!

Psssst. This will be a good place to celebrate birthdays! I wanna head back there soon! Friends! who wants to go?!

[Most of the pictures here were taken with a Sony Cybershot T900.]

2 thoughts on “Typicalben, Marc Jacobs and Howl at the Moon.”

  1. oooh, i lurrrveee howl at the moon! the band’s so talented! and it’s a great place to let down your hair and have fun yeah? 😉


  2. Hey, i got astigmatism too !
    Yet, i still wear colored lenses that are not meant for it. Maybe it might be bad for my eyes, but im just glad with the lenses I can still see well.

    I wish they would make coloured lenses that are meant for astig people.



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