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the breakup left me in tears…

msn fun!

i watched the breakup today, and knowing emo me, who cries at almost all sad movies, i cried (silently) in the movie.

so when i got home, i changed my nick to: nadnutâ„¢ [the breakup left me in tears.]… immediately 10 – 12 people msn-ed me asking if everything was ok… tiger decided to get cheeky and changed his nick to:  .:xxx:. [the breakup left nad in tears] and another friend changed his nick to: Kein [now why did the breakup leave nad in tears?]

apologies to those who thought something happened. hahahaa, just plain old nad decided to get into some cheeky fun. afterall the breakup DID left me in tears aye? 😉

aside from that, i have been stalking watching this website for months now. so inspiring and pweety! how can you not be inspired with these kind of bento lunches! when i told my mum about it, she laughed at me. its a well known fact that i dont cook, well at least anymore after my stint in saffron (a training restaurant in tp) and home economics in secondary school.

yes, i am plain lazy to cook and infact can’t remember the last time i cooked. *sheepish look*

but all this is gonna change IF i get my bento set! will cook & bring to work! save money. must save 10k by august next year! hahahaa. i am currently lusting for these two!

*cough* any kind souls wanna sponsor / tell me where to buy these in sg?

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