Yours truly...

Antisocial me.

There is only so much I can take. While I do enjoy being around people to a certain extent, I seriously cannot deal with “being super sociable” for more than 12 hours.

I just need time to stone or just do my own thing. This is why I much rather spend time with a few comfortable friends, wh0 knows by now that I just wanna relax and not have to keep putting effort to keep the conversation going like those people you can hang out with who ARE comfortable with silence.

So yeah. I don’t feel “sociable” at times and I don’t find a need to “pr”.

Don’t you guys feel the same at times?


  1. Absolutely.

    I love being with people but I love and need my alone time. I love nua-ing at home to recharge. I love watching movies alone. And I love love love just walking around aimlessly when the weather is killing me.


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  3. same! think im even more antisocial, i only feel comfortable/enjoy talking to a small number of people physically, mainly my close friends. find it hard to start/ sustain a convo with someone im not close to. always found it amazing how some can rattle on with just about any one!


  4. As an introvert, I know exactly what you mean. I always need a time to recuperate and have my alone time, especially when there are back-to-back days of socializing.

    And like you, I love being around people who won’t get offended if I’m silent or who are comfortable with it.

    You are definitely not alone on this one.


  5. yes~~ me too~ after “PR”ing for hours i need to get some quiet peace time for myself or i’ll go crazy!