Yours truly...

hmmm. will be de last time i will be online till i come back…

bought lotsa earrings. hahhaa. gonna sell them online! 😛

anyway, for those who are asking, i will be back on de 14th if everything runs smoothly (meaning, if i managed to get trains)

manicure spoilt. >.< missing everyone.


anyway, elections now? for those who are running, a piece of advice:

please run because you wanna do someting for the club, not coz u wanna be popular or tat it seems fun.

coz though it is fun, there are a lot of shit work to be done. it is not easy.

and make sure u can sacrifice time. i.e: time from studies, project work, bf/gf, part time job…

ie: run for de rite reason

if u need advice, de perfect person u can ask is mira.

for those who are running and need help (after de 14th), can always ask me or any other main comm ppl.

good luck to de rest of u guys yah.

hahaa. pls: i wanna see a hospi gurl get highest females otes again wor. hahaha. 2 years has been reigned by a hospi female. 😛 note: not highest votes. its highest female votes)

enjoy elections! 🙂


anyway. back to backpacking. im broke! :X

due to excessive earrings fetish. i bought 40 pairs of earrings!

regret now. so will be selling them 3 for 10 bucks (got discount if my fren) once i get back. hahaha. will publish on my blog. so can order!

no money for tomolo’s weekend market (chatucak).

sighz. had seafood yesterday. yummy. no stingray though.

eh peeps, who juz started blogs, can u leave a comment in this post with ur links? thanks. *hugz*

and i miss everyone! yesh yesh. especially u dear.


since so bored. here’s a pic of me and sel.

wonder why it looks weird? coz used mirror to take. (english wrong but u knoe wat i mean…)


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