Yours truly...
things tat make me smile… (or make me radiant)
  • waking up late (when i can afford too)
  • extra cash to buy stuff..
  • waking up with my chicken leg all snuggled up to me < --- doesnt apply anymore..
  • a good book tat i can read on a boring day..
  • a good manicure..
  • mum cooking my fave dishes..
  • lazing a whole day and feeling everything is going rite.
  • spending time with my lazydeer..
  • getting a ‘i miss u’ or ‘i love u’ from a special someone
  • looking at my ring.
  • ‘up to you’
  • kenny. he juz makes me laff with his corny jokes. my wonderful brother.
  • photoshoots. (nice ones!)
  • geting ‘lobangs’ for well-paid part time work (one-day kinds)
  • a good movie
  • snuggled up with lazydeer..
  • reading archies..
  • taking pictures…
  • with my silly frens ie: clique, bsc peeps especially mira cuckoo! 😛
  • supper…
  • blogging!
  • being wined and dined..
  • a good compliment
  • clubbing!
  • tats abt it for de time being. 🙂

    things tat get on me bad side…

    • stupid ppl
    • rude comments
    • ppl who fly my kite
    • bad food
    • when i oversleep and i have to take a cab!
    • ppl nagging at me!
    • the fact tat chicken leg aint here anymore and i cant get used to it. :'(
    • tonsilitis/coughs/flu
    • tension migraines
    • periods. (who doesnt hate them)
    • broken finger/toe nails!
    • being broke
    • being insomniac
    • having me fone cut off (like its forever!)

    guess i should be happy i have more happy stuff than bad stuff. :). damn after supper with ken (thanks for sending me home!), im hungry again and cant get to sleep! 🙁

    handover meeting tomolo. will miss everyone. on a happier note, next week got lobang to work for a day! woot! $$$$$. money from justdate not in yet. 🙁 . oh well. pics for me chalet up soon. though its quite low turnout, i enjoyed it. and thanks to everyone who attended. u sure made my day. 🙂

    love u guys!