screw feeling lame and jovial in the morning.

feeling negative now. tmd.

the only happy news i got is that i found kakis for michael buble.

which aint making me feel rather happy now.

fug it. damn i need a release. maybe ill go jogging tonight. maybe ill drink tonight. maybe ill get drunk tonight. maybe ill stay up the whole night. maybe ill get a good night sleep tonight. maybe ill go watch a movie alone tonight. maybe ill get people to watch a movie with me. maybe ill read a good book tonight. maybe ill go to the bar tonight. maybe ill quit the bar. maybe ill gorge on snowskin mooncakes. maybe ill smoke. maybe ill get extrim/xandos. maybe ill diet. maybe ill turn bulimic. maybe ill go shopping. maybe ill sign up for kickboxing class. maybe ill take that drum lessons from shemmy boy. maybe ill go swimming. maybe what i did was wrong. maybe it was right. maybe he was angry. maybe i dont care. maybe ill write a sad/tragic story. maybe ill cuddle my cats to sleep. maybe ill never wake up.

lotsa maybes.

how about….

maybe not.

*am just not in a good mood. heck this post. but hey its my blog. if i cant be ranty and emo on my blog then wats the point of a blog?*

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