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Milly’s 1 Year Anniversary!


As you guys know, I’m currently being sponsored under Milly’s for hair extensions. It has been a good year with Milly’s so far and hopefully there will be many more years that I’ll be working with her!

Some of you guys emailed and commented on some questions on hair extensions and I’ve finally decided to dedicate an entry to answering them.

Q: Why do you bother getting hair extensions? After all your hair is pretty long.

A: That’s because my hair isn’t long enough. It’s long but not THAT long for me to style it. My hair is also pretty fine and I prefer to have some volume to play with.

Q: What are the various kinds of hair extensions?

A: There is 3 different kinds of hair extensions that Milly’s offer. There is the clip on method where the extensions are clipped onto your hair, braiding method which is very much more comfortable and the temporary ones. The temporary ones are those where you can clip on and remove them everyday.

Q: What kind of hair extensions should I consider? Straight or the wavy/curly ones?

A: Both of them have their own merits. If you are the kind that is lazy to even style your hair, you can go for either the straight or the wavy/curly ones depending on which look you’re going for. (e.g. you want wavy/curly hair all of the time w/o styling, then go for the wavy/curly ones…) If you don’t mind taking some time to style your hair, then I would recommend you to go for the straight ones. Here are some pictures.

Straight hair extensions.

Wavy/curly hair extensions.

Here are some ways that you can curl your straight hair extensions.

Super fat curls.

Or loose curls.

It’s all about having the volume and length to play with. I like having the flexibility to style my hair differently everyday. Curls do not work well with my  normal hair length sadly.

Q: Do I need to wash the hair extensions?

A: Yes, of course! Treat the hair extensions as part of your hair. You would want your hair to smell good, and look good right? Do shampoo, condition and go for treatments!

Q: How much do the extensions cost?

A: Currently both clip on and braiding costs $1 per strand. Might as well, go for braiding imho.

Q: How many extensions do I need?

A: I wouldn’t know! It really depends on your hair cut, length and thickness of your hair. And of course, your desired outcome!

I hope I’ve answered your queries on hair extensions. If there’s anymore questions, ask here and I’ll add it into the entry and answer them!

Here are more information!

Aside from that, Milly is also offering special discounts on eyelash extensions.

Here’s a piece of good news to all of you ladies! Milly’s is relaunching nail services and will be adding two new services to her place! She’ll be introducing both facial and slimming services. I’ve not tried them yet but once I do, I’ll be sure to blog about it!

The previous time where I did gel extensions, I went for a simple bling bling and flower design..

I’ll be going for my manicure this week and I’ve been contemplating on what kind of design I should get. Am half considering getting rainbow nails, does anyone have any pictures or suggestions?

Here’s the pricelist for her other services!

Do check out her shop soon! Do quote that you’re a nadnut reader to enjoy special discounts. 🙂

Milly’s Hair Lashes Nails
Far East Plaza
For appointments or enquiries, please call 8383 5395

2 thoughts on “Milly’s 1 Year Anniversary!”

  1. Hiya gal. Just wana find out something. Is it possible to get hair extensions for thinning hair especially at the scalp area. I wana get good volume of hair.

    Also how do u comb hair with extensions?


  2. Hi amy , i have to let my hair stylist see your hair before we can advice u, and yes you can still comb ur hair with extension.

    do call me @ 8383 5395 so that i can explain to u in details.


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