the beauty of mis-sent messages…

is u get to hear what people say about u.

sometimes when you dont get angry, people do not take you seriously. they think its a joke, thats its for fun. i didnt know whacking my head was fun. it wasnt a light smack, mind you. it was a hard one. if it didnt hurt, it wouldnt have mattered.

3 times a night was fucking too much. apparently your words falls on deaf ears whenever u tell someone u dont like it or that it actually hurt. many a times, i brushed it off, or joked it off but today’s the last straw.

if you want her to stop, do something to her. dont use wanting her to stop as an excuse. it has been a long time since i yelled at a friend that way. but enough is enough.

bad enough that the night was spoilt, it had to end with a nice mis-sent message. afterall ‘you know her pattern’.

i wonder which was worst… the hard whack or the sms. has it grown to a point that u no longer talk to ur friends about their bad habits, that u just bitch to others abt it? from the last few incidents, i think so. ugly isnt it? that we no longer bother at all. maybe i shouldnt bother anymore. operation clean-up. i know who to trust from now on.

ho ho ho. nice start to december.

2 thoughts on “the beauty of mis-sent messages…”

  1. i have some inkling on how you feel. there was a friend who took the joke too far and kept mentioning it. i told him to stop, but he laughed and carried on. i simply cut him off from my life.

    it is ugly when friends become so casual with you that they dun bother about your feelings at all. when that happens, you know its time to remove him/her from your life because you have been taken for granted. That is something that no friend should do to another.


  2. frens that irk you, you can heck them liao, esp if they have never been around when u are down. afterall, we are getting older, no point trying so hard to be so nice and accomodating esp when u feel like it. no need to tolerate the rising of high blood pressure.

    OTOH though, must make sure that it is truly them and not you. prehaps you have been so accomodating and jokey abt the whole thing that they have gotten used to teasing u or letting you down in some ways. good frens will listen to you and change accordingly.


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