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If you look to your right, you’ll realise that there’s a giveaways column now!

I’ll be doing giveaways as and when I have stuff to give away. If you’ll like those, all you’ll have to do is: (You can do one or all, if you like. All will increase your chances)

1) Follow me on Facebook. (search for nadnut!) and comment: I want XXX!

2) Follow me on Twitter and tweet “I want XXX #nadnutgiveaways” (must include the hashtag. You can @nadnut if you like)

3) Post a short blog (if you have a blog) stating you want the item and remember to link back to me!

I would then choose one of you to win that prize! And brands, if you’ll like me to giveaway a product, please feel free to contact me here!

My first giveaway will happen reallly soon! Ladies, remember to check back!

Sorry guys,  gadgets will happen soon! I promise!

2 thoughts on “Giveaways on”

  1. Hi, what do you mean by ‘post a short blog’? I don’t really understand.


    nadnut Reply:

    Blog about the giveaway and the item you want.


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