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hey hey….

since i’m bored, i shall do a last yr and tis yr thingy…

Last year: I was training in gym for a week
This year: I’m training my ass by sitting on it everyday.

Last year: I worked happily giving out balloons for Xmas getting good pay.
This year: I’m working sadly like a machine getting paid peanuts.

Last year: I got so bloody tanned.
This year: I look like snow white.

Last year: I couldnt surf the net.
This year: I surf the net everyday!

Last year: I was attached to a sweet guy.
This year: I’m attached to a silly and sweet-er guy called “dear”.

Last year: I was using a Nokia 8250.
This year: I’m using a colour fone!

Last year: I had black hair.
This year: I have dyed hair!

Last year: I was slacking my ass off..
This year: I am working my ass off!

Last year: I dreaded Xmas songs.
This year: I miss Xmas songs!

Last year: I was the vice-president of bsc
This year: I am the treasurer of bsc

Last year: I was lighter
This year: I am heavier

Last year: I clubbed for the first time.
This year: I clubbed lotsa times

Last year: I got drunk
This year: I got drunk

Last year: I didnt fast
This year: I fasted

Last year: I was closest to my bf
This year: I am closest to my bf AND a whole lots of friends

Last year: I had a balloon burst in my eye. *ouch*
This year: I did NOT have a balloon burst in my eye.

Last year: I did not watch Lord of the Rings
This year: I won’t watch Lord of the Rings

Last year: I didn’t knoe sh*t about HTML
This year: I’m happily doing HTML

Last year: I was playing counterstrike and diablo
This year: I’m playing gunbound.

Last year: I had no kittens.
This year: I have a kitten.

Last year: I neva went Zouk before.
This year: I am a Zouk member.

Last year: I neva celebrated Halloween b4
This year: i celebrated Halloween with my dear and frens!

Last year: I was 18.
This year: I am 19

Last year: I never knew much about Newater.
This year: I’m going to de newater plant!

Last year: I was in OTC food comm
This year: I am in this year’s main comm.

Last year: i celebrated xmas having dinner with my colleagues.
This year: i grooved de nite away @ zouk!

Last year: I didnt knoe blogger existed
This year: I blog everyday..

LOL… interesting aint it? i shall continue this list when i can tink of me, shall everytime when i update re-place it on the top… LOL…

feeling lame,

lol… how about YOUR list?

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