MJ – Chapter 25

Remember the previous entry?

Today I’ll like to introduce to you a few new products!

The first would be the All Night Compact which is basically a (limited edition) face powder that not only gives you a nice shimmer when applied, it also gives your skin this rather immaculate finish!

Basically there is this white up pearl technology that reflects light to give one’s skin a bright translucent finish! The packaging is rather kawaii!

As you can see in the picture above, there’s this really cute puff which has this lace trim which by the way is made out of real lace! I like this product! I’ll definitely be carrying it around as it’s rather small and handy!

The second product is the secret lingerie! If I’m correct, it’s MJ’s first ever body cream! It’s a scented body cream with a tinge of glitter and contains pearly formulation to make skin glow. It has this rather enticing sweet scent!

Aside from these 2 new products, Jeweling pencil (MJ’s pencil liner) has launced 3 new shades! The new shades are pink (71), green (GR522) and brown! (BR633)

I haven’t tried them yet but once I’ve done, will post up some pictures!