when i was in the hospital, memories of the past overwhelmed me. i remembered the time when i myself was lying there. it was my first operation, though it was a minor one. it was lonely being there, my then bf didnt seem to care. he appeared for a while and disappeared shortly. stayed for nothing more than an hour.

despite my exams, i’ll spend time with my mum till late at night. even when i was super exhausted, i would run little errands for her.

but i guess it was too much for him then, to even warrant spending more than an hour with me.

i guess at times like these, you get to see who are the ones who really care.

5 thoughts on “memories…”

  1. Hey, my prayers go out to you everyday =) You know I’m always here if you need me. Cheer up and look forward to your Mortons =)


  2. My mum had an operation too and it was so depressing to be in the hospital. It was as if they suck out all the happiness in you. (sounds like dementors)
    So i tried to imagine Scrubs, just to cheer up myself and tried to look at hospital in a more comic way.
    hope your mum get well soon.


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