sunday : family day @ sdc

today was soooooo horrible…. let let me go into details…

woke up bright and early to catch angeline’s car (her dad driving lah, u havent get license yet but soon hor NG?), her dad was so sweet to pick me up else gotta get up even brightER and earlyER… man… was feeling lousy already… arrived there 5 mins late… ok lah… helped out a bit… then realised tat there was NO into e shirts… (supposedly lawrence was suppose to pick it up yesterday but shop was closed and he didnt have the sense to contact one of us to inform the rest tat we were suppose to wear our old into e shirts), and there i was wearing my BRIGHT yellow BSC shirt. oh my, stucked out like a sore thumb.. man, wat made it worse tat ppl were late: serene was late for 45 mins (but excusable, first time( and zann was totally MIA the whole day. probably tummy ache, on medication or overslept. felt like a big meanie but was tinking of the ‘habitual latecomer’ speech i gave during food hunt. i dun understand how ppl can be sooooooo irrresponsible. i mean, late a bit is alrite. like 20 mins grace of course once in a while or VERY late for one or two occasions is understandable like oversleeping once in a blue moon. we are all humans lor… but dun understand how can be soooo late. i mean i personally feel tat there is no excuse for superlate comers or habitual latecomers. use ur brain and slp earlier. duh. waste everyone’s time onlie…

kk… move on… then realised lawrence left the neoprint key in office, then when they were looking for ppl to go back, i volunteered lor. (i was doing bouncer, tat time no kids), then KY drived me back. lol. on the way back, ppl called to ask for mineral water and henna. (sorry ange but tink u ar, i ask u where to buy henna u tell me juz find, i wasnt happy with answer. juz find? where? could have volunteered some places or found out at least.) we were told to get mineral water (seems lawrence missed tat out TOO), and to find henna. @ 8.30am we were told to find henna. asked where to find answer told was just find. anyway, not much shops were open. thankfully when nearing office, we got a call tat henna was not needed anymore. thank god. arriving back @ the event, i was stationed at the bouncers. Hot man. there was suppose to be zann and me but since she MIA-ed, i was alone having to look after both sides…. kids these days damn stupid. go on bouncers dunno how to remove shoes, somemore, run around play in mud. and DARED to jump on the bouncers muddy and all. i happily raised my voice (was heard, HEY BOY, dangerous, u wanna break ur head is it? GET DOWN)… muahahahaha. felt evil. lol. also raised voice at inconsiderates kids pushing (DUN FIGHT AR, fight somemore, get out)… hahaha… but it was a big headache later when a whole BUNCH like fifty came. had to juggle both sides, as at the twin peaks (some inflatable “mock” mountain climbing thingy), kids were climbing dangerously, jumping down when reaching the top, should walk down (u tell me, they jumped down, surely rope burn lah, hit another kid lah or sprained ankle lah), so there i was ordering them again. they looked pretty unhappy. muahahahahah. then @ the castle bouncer (some normal inflatable), kids were jumping too near the side, and keep falling down and some even climbed on top, my god, if the fall in the grass, gone case man.., so was running both sides.. then later lawrence called saying his gamestalls sides not enuf manpower, so i was deployed there.

arriving at gamestalls…. i realised tat there was more than enuf ppl even hazlin (de gamestalls i/c) said so. so i helped ah-hao (NG’s cousin) out. aiyoh. old ppl these days! cut queue, shouted, unreasonable.. all the bad things u name it man… they are soooooo horibble. one grandma shouted at me so i happily argued with her in malay. muahhahaha. she happens to be those chinese ah-mah who speaks malay. until even one small girl (not related to tat ah-mah) told her she’s wrong. not bad tat girl. lol. hhahaha. very tiring as there was a super long queue, cant be blamed for a crowd of 6000… food was late though, most of us were asking where’s the food ar, haha. i ate two buggers! felt so piggy. after all ended, i got a ride for KY (law’s fren who drives), was so squeezy with mahesh, long hair, mr handsome and his girl. but his girl sat on mr handsome’s lap so ok la. but me and long hair like both uncomfortable in a stucked position. lol. they kindly invited me to makan with them but was so tired, so when he dropped me off at home, i went to my neighbourhood salon (i usually go there for trims) and had my hair trimmed. they took off 3 inches! layered now. to me like cannot see layered eh, only shorter, guess most ppl wun see the diff. aiyah, i cut hair oso not for diff, jus to cut the ends, so dry then… lol… then went home for a bath and slept like the dead for 4 hours… lol… helped mira with her blogskin… fun ar… currently saw a nice blogskin but not sure to take or not, wat are u guys comments?

check tis out: http://www.blogskins.com/apply.php?sid=5567&action=Preview

after tat, leave me a msg in my chatterbox yah? thanks!

still sick sick sick,

stupid damn aunties… no manners… go and die!

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