updates no 2…

event: sentosa tanning with pearl followed by fireworks festival…

went to palawan beach to suntan with pearl! was pissed at somebody. argh. irritated at peeps who dun bother to call/sms. >.< . anyway, sunburnt a bit. thank god i covered me face... then went to fireworks festival. actually supposed to meet dear, made him angry.... *ashamed face* and he didnt go de festival... anyway, beautiful man! wanna go next week again. took video of de fireworks so onlie post up one pic. will find out soon how to post up videos yeah... saw my beetle! :P... yay! after tat met up with ange and jack and all 4 of us went to chill at embargo! 🙂

fat me! 🙁

pearl punk!


me & G!

me & my beloved beetle! de national day version!


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