i dun need u anymore.

i dun wan u anymore.

i used to tink tat it was so hard being w/o u. so hard when u ignore me. so hard not hearing ur voice. so hard when u suddenly became so cold.

but i realised. now tat u wan me back… (again)

i dun wan u back.

look at wat u lost.

goodbye and good riddance.

so wat if it maynot last wiv my current. so wat if an ldr is so difficult. so wat? who de hell are u to tell me tat? u were in singapore and yet we neva lasted.

wat makes u so fucking sure tat i would run back to ur arms?

didnt i say no b4?

do i have to crush ur ego? do i have to hate u?

u are a nobody to comment anything abt me or my current. at least he neva deserted me.

remember de time when i begged for u back? and u so cold heartedly said no? and u wun wan me as a fren at all?

when u asked me back, didnt i treat u betta? at least i said no pleasantly…

now, u have to put doubts, worries and all tat shit in my head..

even if me and my current dont last. i would neva want u back.

listen carefully : i neva wanna hear from u again. if u persist in smsing me, i’ll change my number. yes i will.

i have neva hated anyone so bad. and im coming close to hating u tat bad.

please let me live wiv de happy memories.

u have verbally abused me enuf.

i would rather be a lesbian than take u back.

go to hell. good bye and good riddance.

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