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wow. im amazed…

lol. jireh called me from sydney today… at a cost of $0.50 per minute 80 cents per min + 55c connection charge.

i’m honoured…


Random Facts about nad

– I’m thinking of taking up either salsa, hiphop, yoga or gym.
– I spend more than i earn.
– I have cats since i was 7.
– I think i am the shortest 21 year old girl alive, im below 145cm… -_-“
– I have climbed 2 mountains.
– I have a super big fetish for techy items.
– I like guys who can sing, who plays musical items, who are shy, who blush and cute!
– I can fit into a mini-fridge
– I have always wanted to work in Zouk or Radio.
– I totally suck at Solitare Showdown. Aloy, Bene and Eddie has thrashed my ass countless of times. and yes eddie, i DO NOT want a spanking. -_-“
– I love zouk. maybe cause im a member? hahaha. stingy stingy!
– I have been dead drunk twice in my life and am itching for a third.
– I have no armpit hair. LOL.
– I get emotional during PMS. the slightest things set me off.
– I have got stage fright.
– I’m a sucker for guys who stare at my eyes… lol. though i will avoid their gaze. shy lah!
– I have not exercised since year one. LOL.
– I have a very very very bad memory. sorry, what were u saying??
– I have over 50 pairs of earrings.
– I LOVE adam sandler. he totally rawks!
– I love guys with goatees.
– I got weird nicknames for the guys im with. for instance aloy is : sillyboi, lazydeer, moomoodear… 😀
– I named my cat CHICKEN LEG.
– My mum likes to steal my stuff! (she uses me stuff!)
– I find people who keeps on correcting things i said such as grammar or wrong words such as much and many, VERY FUCKING IRRITATING. do u need to correct all the time? its juz casual talk. BLOODY HELL.
– I miss aloy aloy aloy aloy aloy aloy aloy aloy and aloy.

hahahaa. tats abt it! 😀

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