Friends Pictures

friday i went to fish and co wiv jen, nix and kenny! lotsa cuckoo pics! 😀

pics galore!

first up. we decided to act cute while drinking… choose ur favourite!

contestant number 1!

miss i-love-prawns jen jen!

contestant number 2!

mr i-dun-wanna-buy-new-shirts nixon!

contestant number 3!

miss where-is-the-damn-garlic-butter-sauce nadia!

contestant number 4!

mr i-make-lame-jokes-all-the-time kenny!

vote for ur favourite please!


we decided to get 2 seafood platter for 2! hahaha. yum yum…

the seafood platter for 2!

TWO seafood platters for 2!

after we ravaged the food… note: the empty one is shared by me and kenny and de other is by jenny and nixon. lol..

i had to eat faster coz kenny was eating so fast. later no more! hahahahaha..

i tink we (meaning ME) annoyed the waiters there coz i kept on asking for more garlic butter sauce… yum yum!

now, pics of us!

the babes!

the ‘hunks’

the sweet couple!

behind de scenes look. LOL…

lol. gals bully de guys! 😀

went off for a movie ‘closer’ after tat wiv kenny and priscilla. nice movie. *fuck u*

hahaha. the show has so many *fuck u* inside. lol.

nice day 🙂


had organised a picnic for some bsc peeps..

i did de most bimbotic thing in my life…

i brought my camera but left de batteries at home… coz was charging de batteries de nite b4 and was so bz… had onlie 4 hours of sleep and i had to get out early in de morning…. rush rush rush and then forgot abt de batteries…

thus no pics… boo…

coz no one else brought camera… *gives evil look to selena and kenny*


we played brigde and black jack and gambled wiv chocolates and sweets… lol..

i love having picnics like de last time de one wiv dear miss chong-ah! hahaha.

who turned up? mira, kenny, miss chong-ah!, malina, ling and me… shen and sweet geraldine came much later and mr i-was-stucked-in-a-looooong-meeting-coz-of-bushfires came VERY late. lol.

adjourned to mahjong at shen’s place…

however, i was surfing de net and sleeping… hahaha. didnt even played one game!

when i woke up, everyone wanted to leave…

booo… *grumbles*

hahaha. enjpyed myself… juz having casual chats wiv de peeps…

now, looking forward to chijmes outing. *looks at miss chong-ah!*


today shall rot at home.. onlie woke up at 1pm. im such a pig…

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